​Celeste Amicay, born in California, grew up with a casual interest in art and creative activities. It wasn't until after her move to Florida that she realized she wanted an art-related career and chose to emphasize her school education in the arts. Career aspirations jumped between comics and painting until online animated shorts inspired her passion for animation.

Through hard work, Celeste graduated Ringling College of Art + Design in 2017 with a BFA in Computer Animation, and her thesis film "Cuckoo" as proof of her effort and education.

Celeste's art and design is inspired by a variety of sources: Western and Japanese animation, Toy design, and nature itself. 
She also likes to create art in a wide range of mediums, between 2D art, Digital 3D, and Traditional 3D work, such a sculpting and sewing. Almost like a jack of all trades, she likes to give a little bit of everything a try.